About Us


  According to Greek Legend, Ambrosia was the nectar of the Gods.
One sip of this magical beverage would grant you eternal life.
Here at Ambrosia Organic Living, we believe in providing you with the tools you need to live a whole, healthy, happy life.
We are your source for health in Roberts Creek.
Nestled in the Heart of Roberts Creek, Ambrosia Organic Living has been bringing you quality food and great service for over 15 years.
Formerly known as the Roberts Creek Health Food Store, we have stayed true to our humble origins and carry many of the same great products you have come to know and love.
The store is currently under the stewardship of Ian Hunt, who has a deep passion for health and wellbeing. With years of training in many healing modalities, and experience in a variety of fields including the culinary arts, IT, herbalism, Thai massage, and Ayurvedic healing, Ian brings a rounded skillset to this thriving and growing business.



Store Hours

10 to 6 Monday to Saturday
11 to 5 Sunday



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